Who wrote answers?

Big Questions - coversFor Big Questions book one, experts included:

Bear Grylls – Is it OK to eat a worm?
Alain de Botton – How are dreams made?
Jessica Ennis – How do you get into the Olympics?
Richard Dawkins – Are we all related?
Miranda Hart – Why are the grown-ups in charge?
Heston Blumenthal – Why do we cook food?
Derren Brown – Is the human brain the most powerful thing on earth?
Dr Christian Jessen – Why do men have beards and not women?
Dame Jacqueline Wilson – Where do authors get ideas for characters?
Marcus Chown – How far away is space?
Kate Humble – Why do lions roar?
Jarvis Cocker – Why do we have music?
Dame Kelly Holmes – How do you keep going when you’re losing?
Marcus du Sautoy – Do numbers ever stop?
Michael Rosen – What makes me me?
Neil Oliver – Who first made metal things?
Lorraine Pascale – Why do cakes taste so good?
Noam Chomsky — Why can’t animals talk like us?
Baroness Susan Greenfield – How does my brain control me?
Philip Pullman – Where do story writers get ideas?
Harry Hill – Why do I get hiccups?
Prof. Tanya Byron – Why do I fight with my brother and sister?
Sir Martin Rees – Why is space so sparkly?
Jeanette Winterson – How do you fall in love?
Dr George McGavin – Can a bee sting a bee?
Alex Crawford – Why do wars happen?
Robert Peston – Why do we have money?
Michaela Strachan – Why do elephants have trunks?
AC Grayling – Where does good come from?
Bettany Hughes – Did Alexander the Great like frogs?
Mario Batali – When did people start using recipes?
Mary Roach – If a cow didn’t fart for a whole year then did one big fart would it fly into space?
…and many more!

Plus: jokes from some of our favourite comedians including Stephen Fry, Sarah Millican, Robert Webb, Jack Whitehall and Sandi Toksvig.