Safe Online Casino 2019 supports The soundest you’ll ever before be on online!

Safe Online Casino 2019 supports The soundest you’ll ever before be on online!

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Title: The Great Brain Is Back

Author: John D. Fitzgerald

ISBN: 9780803713468
Pages: 128
Description: This classic trickster is back again, and he’s up to no good in his eighth and final book of the series. Great mix of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Terrible Two series, and is perfect for fans of Roald Dahl.
Tom D. Fitzgerald–better known as The Great Brain–has turned thirteen, and pretty Polly Reagan has put a spell on him. But when it comes to swindling his younger brother J. D., and all the other kids in Adenville, Tom hasn’t changed a bit. The Great Brain is back one more time, and he’s at the top of his form with his money-making schemes and getting into big trouble. As always, life is more exciting when this brain’s around!
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